Out of Pocket

Why hello overly-neglected blogosphere... Quite obviously, there's been nothing going on here lately. Which interestingly enough is quite the opposite of what my life's been like. Pretty much ever since the last post in october it's been quite hectic and I just haven't had much time, nor content to post more regularly. And quite frankly it's not going to get much better anytime soon. But I thought at least I'd throw some updates of things I've been working on for you to check out. Especially since I was in a meeting today with our new brand and website consultants at GBC (Maurilio Amorim and the A Group) and he asked how many of us blogged. I quickly raised my hand and then was forced to sheepishly give the "eh, ish" dangling palm motion because I couldn't remember when my last post was. So here's my quarterly "feel guilty calling myself a blogger" post.

The last film I posted was literally the last one I've actually been able to produce. When November hit, the 5D went in my bag and only came out for some photo opps and Christmas documentation. But I hope to get back at it over the next few months and try out some new accessories that I'm wanting to get.

Most of my free time since December has been used working on Web design. I'm not sure i've quite earned the title of "web designer", but Wordpress gives me enough power/knowledge to be dangerous. We just launched the website for a new church planting network in North Mississippi. It's called ONE8 Network and the Director, George Ross, asked me to help him get a site going as well as a logo/branding scheme. It's really my first time other than for Revision Church that I've been able to help with the entire package. Since it's a birthing organization it will continue to grow. But I've been pleased with how it's turned out.

A few other organizations have expressed interest as well and I'm looking forward to getting in deeper with Wordpress and all it can do. Being able to help people get their companies up to date with a good website and online identity is becoming one of my passions. I've still got a lot to learn, but I'm excited about the possibilities. If you have any tips/resources in that area, PLEASE leave them with me!

Pulse Intro 2010

Made this quick intro for our Wednesday night student events at GBC.

Logo design was done in Adobe Illustrator and set to motion in After Effects. The heart monitor is obviously not quite realistic but I wasn't familiar enough with Trapcode's 3D stroke plugin to really do what I wanted to do.

Due to time constraints I just grabbed a project file from Andrew Kramer and modified it a little bit for the big reveal. Great tools when you're in a jam.

I mixed the soundtrack myself using various effects I had, then blended it into Skillet's "Dead Inside".. which went great with the theme.


I saw this awesome piece of machinery in my dad's office over the weekend and... well.... this is what happened. Soundtrack was recorded straight off the device... no iTunes downloads here.

Used a Voigtlander 40mm f/4 from LensRentals with a close-up adapter.

These things just get more and more fun!


“The Carnival”

Couldn't pass it up... people, lights, motion, activity. So I went. Alone. Paid for parking, a ticket and one Ferris Wheel ride. It was great, and totally worth it. Shot on the 5D with a basic of the basic 50mm f/1.4(and a few shots with a telephoto). For just $300 I'm going to have to get me one of these lenses.


“Down Town” – First shoot on Canon 5Dmkii

Well I finally got it... er, well, my employer got it.... but we're attached at the hip.. MY hip. The Canon 5D. Pretty much the first DSLR to change the term to "HD-DSLR" by some crowds. For those who aren't familiar, it's a full frame still photography camera that shoots video. 1080p HD video as a matter of fact. This camera has started a blooming trend amongst film makers who are on a budget but still long for the amazing quality and depth of field offered by higher end cameras.

There's part of me that feels a little behind the curve when it comes to shooting with this technology though. Considering it's been around for over a year or so, and the more I research about it and watch tutorials and read blogs, the more I've realized that there's a LOT of people who've already migrated to this technology. I'm actually even afraid that the next model (the 5Dmkiii) might be released as soon as next month at the Canon Expo, which I only found out there was such a thing a few days ago. But oh well. We had to make the purchase for the church before the end of August for budgetary reasons, so it is what it is.

First impressions:

1  - The images are incredible! I've watched a lot of films shot with this camera and knew that the picture and depth of field was stunning before I got it. But it's different when you've shot it yourself and can look at the results on a large screen and see it face to face. I've never been able to use a piece of equipment that makes such gorgeous pictures.

2 - I have no clue what I'm doing! I've never considered myself a photographer and have only tried on occasion to act like one. But every time all I do is turn knobs and twist dials until something looks good. Then I push the shutter and the result doesn't look at all like what I set. So I try again. Video world is just different. The end result is meant to look the same, but the terms and workflows you use are night and day. So I've got a lot of learning to do.

3  - The 5D seems to be less purposed for being a video camera than the 7D(which I rented a few months ago). I think it's safe the say the 5D simply has the feature to record your Liveview, whereas the 7D has an actual "video mode" switch. On the 5, you have to go into the menu and setup the video recording function. And when it comes to image setup, on the 7 it's what you see is what you get. On the 5, you can put it in full manual mode and make exposure/shutter/ISO adjustments, but when you hit record it does an auto light adjust and changes to what it thinks looks good. It's been kind of frustrating. Chances are this is just something I haven't figured out how to fix, but I haven't gotten to watch through Phillip Bloom's beginner tutorial set yet. These are just my thoughts out of the box.

I'll continue to post more thoughts as I shoot more. I'm taking vacation next week and will be doing plenty of experimenting I'm sure.

Let me know what you think of the film(more specifically the images). It's comprised of the footage straight off the camera, no color correcting or anything. I just rented a basic Canon 24-105 f4 IS lens as all I had at the office was a 75-300 zoom lens that would fit it. As Phillip Bloom is arguably the worldwide leader of the HD-DSLR movement, my style mimics his for the time being(in fact I've been writing this blog in my head with a british accent simply because he's all I've been reading/watching for the past 4 weeks). I'm sure I'll be more creative in time, but I've got to learn the ropes first.