Revision Church

Some of you might have seen several shout-outs recently from my facebook and twitter accounts about Revision Church.

This might cause you to ask "what is this Revision Church?"

Well Revision Church is a new church plant that's starting in Olive Branch. Birthed out of a calling that was growing inside of some of my closest friends, as well as myself, Revision has evolved over the last few years from an idea, to a goal, to a simple bible study, and now to an official church start. These friends that I refer to are mostly seminary students/graduates that I have grown extremely close to and have found that we all share the same passion for the spreading of the true gospel, the raw teaching of the scriptures, and the growing of Christ's Church. As we grew closer we started noticing a need in the area where many of us had close ties... Olive Branch. This need consists of the fact that the population of Olive Branch grew from 3,500 in 1990 to over 32,000 in 2008! And in the same time period only 1 Southern Baptist church has been successfully started.

However, the need we found in the Olive Branch area wasn't the only thing that led us to our conclusion of planting our own church. We also realized over time that we each had a passion for the same philosophies of ministry, we learned and grew from many of the same pastors and church leaders, and we all had a heart for instilling solid, biblical doctrine and practices back into the local church. These, along with our belief that the local church is God's ordained method of spreading His glory, helped us realize that this is what God was calling us to do.

Revision is still in the early stages of growth. We are currently just meeting as a core group on a weekly basis for prayer and bible study as we continue making preparations for a hopeful launch in January 2011. We are unique in that we already have a pastoral team built from the beginning as opposed to one pastor who starts a church and builds his team. Each of us have different ministerial roles but all have voices in the decisions and direction of the church. We also will continue to work on a volunteer/bi-vocational basis until the church can afford to support full-time staff.

As for me, I still continue to be fully involved with my family at Germantown Baptist. I love my job here and believe God has me here for the time being to help bring creativity and art to our worship services. My job description has broadened recently since graduating from college, and I will be more involved with website development/admin as well as video production. This is exciting for me and I'm thrilled about the direction we're going from here and what God has for us when we find a new pastor.

My role at Revision is pretty much identical to what I do at G-town. Right now it weighs more on the web side of things as we just launched our brand new site and blog. For those of you who appreciated reading my more theological and spiritual posts, I will probably begin posting most of that content on the Revision blog and use this one for more creative, media-related subjects, as well as trying to keep my portfolio up to date.

Pray for Revision Church and our leaders, that we would be completely surrendered to what God wants us to do. These first few years of a church can be the toughest times as we gather support through finances as well as building our core group of believers. Pray for our endurance through the struggles and that we have joy in knowing our work will have eternal significance. Pray that our heart grows for the people of Olive Branch and that we would continually learn how to serve and love them.

I'm listing our leadership below for you to pray for individually if you'd like, as well as their roles in the church and their twitter accounts.

Ben Williams - Lead pastor


Job Dalomba - Teaching/Community Groups pastor


Josh Kubler - Worship Pastor


Garrett Brewer - Student & Children's Pastor


Evan Logan - Media/Communications Director


Also, don't forget to check out our new sites and find out how you can get involved!