Site Launch: X-tended Missions Network

Just finished a new site design for my friends at the X-tended Missions Network. The XMN is a Southern Baptist regional association for North Mississippi. They are support partners for us at Revision Church as well the ONE8 Church Planting Network.

I wised up and teamed with Jason Charnes on this one and he really added a lot of great elements that I couldn't have accomplished by myself. As always, it's powered by Wordpress and we used the Biznizz Theme by Woo Themes, which has turned out to offer a powerhouse of great features for what we wanted to accomplish. I really enjoyed implementing the photos that they wanted to display. In fact, the way the whole site is very photography-driven is one of my favorite parts about it.

Check it out!

Pulse Intro 2010

Made this quick intro for our Wednesday night student events at GBC.

Logo design was done in Adobe Illustrator and set to motion in After Effects. The heart monitor is obviously not quite realistic but I wasn't familiar enough with Trapcode's 3D stroke plugin to really do what I wanted to do.

Due to time constraints I just grabbed a project file from Andrew Kramer and modified it a little bit for the big reveal. Great tools when you're in a jam.

I mixed the soundtrack myself using various effects I had, then blended it into Skillet's "Dead Inside".. which went great with the theme.