"Fenrick: The Handicap Leprechaun" - The Lost Tapes


I am ecstatic to announce to you that the original recording of "Fenrick's First Adventure" has been found! After having given up all hope that this video would ever be seen again, it has now been resurrected. And not only has it been found, but also restored for viewing with modern technology!

Though I had nothing personally to do with this particular video, somewhere down the line it was transferred into my custody. Now, after cleaning my desk drawer at work I have uncovered it in it's original form. Though unfortunately this "original form" was that of a "Video CD"...?? I know right? What in the world is that? Well long story short it was originally created on a Windows PC(bleh) and required such technology to be able to view it again. And now, thanks to my buddy Daniel at Germantown Baptist, it is made public for all to glory in again! (much applause for Daniel).

So without further ado... I present the original, in unaltered form.... Fenrick's First Adventure.

Here is also another video that we made starring Fenrick. This one was never lost, but still provides quality entertainment if you know anything about student revivals.

Site Launch: X-tended Missions Network

Just finished a new site design for my friends at the X-tended Missions Network. The XMN is a Southern Baptist regional association for North Mississippi. They are support partners for us at Revision Church as well the ONE8 Church Planting Network.

I wised up and teamed with Jason Charnes on this one and he really added a lot of great elements that I couldn't have accomplished by myself. As always, it's powered by Wordpress and we used the Biznizz Theme by Woo Themes, which has turned out to offer a powerhouse of great features for what we wanted to accomplish. I really enjoyed implementing the photos that they wanted to display. In fact, the way the whole site is very photography-driven is one of my favorite parts about it.

Check it out!

DNOW 2011

  We just finished up Disciple-NOW at Germantown Baptist. I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty incredible weekend. A DNOW unlike any other DNOW I've experienced actually. The Student staff steered a different direction than we typically have before... and the response was amazing! I'm generally skeptical of emotional, mountain-top events. But I felt this time that the maturity of the students at this church really culminated through the weekend and they expressed that outwardly more than I've seen before. One of the more powerful things for me to see was one night when we gave out blind folds and had the students worship with them on. The goal was for them to be free of distractions and know that no one was watching or judging them(except the camera:) ). Seeing them choose their physical mode of worship was very moving. Here's the recap video I put together as well as the animated intro video we used to kick off the weekend.

For my DSLR film guys: I rented a RedRock Micro Captain Stubling Rig for the weekend and it worked great! It was my first time with a follow-focus and I've realized it's really the only way to go when shooting documentary, hand-held content. I guess truthfully it's the only way to go period. I also purchased the bargain-buy Cannon 50mm 1.4 which is a no-brainer for beginners. I wouldn't have been able to shoot all the low-light content without it.

For my AE animators: The intro video was a fun little challenge I forced myself through. I made myself animate the tree from scratch. When I first saw the logo that was created by our T-shirt designers I thought I could just cheat by incorporating Andrew K's "Evolution" swirls to get the growth effect. But that wasn't enough for me. I knew there was a way to do it for real. Luckily I found out when looking through the files that most of the logo was the same identical branch replicated. So I used Write-on to make it grow and scaled the leaves individually. Then I replicated the branch and got it pretty dang close to matching the original shape of the designer. I felt much better afterwards.

The Testimony of Suffering

I watched Braveheart tonight for the first time in a while. God used it to reveal to me something I hadn’t realized before. That suffering is the absolute proof of the severity of a cause or truth. What I mean by this is that when someone endures the most extreme conditions of suffering, at that moment they become the most visible evidence that what they are suffering for is worthwhile. Through your pain, people will see the seriousness of the cause that you are are suffering for. In the case of William Wallace this cause was Freedom. And it wasn’t until he endured agonizing physical torture that his people realized the importance of that Freedom.


Before Wallace was killed, his Scottish countrymen chose to simply live with the fact that they were being persecuted, pillaged, raped and murdered by the ruling English. To them, freedom wasn’t worth the pain that would come to their own skin if they fought back. But in Wallace they soon realized something different. They realized that freedom from persecution was so incredibly important that some people would endure the most excruciating treatment on earth before they would deny this importance. All Wallace had to do was tell one tiny lie, and he would be spared. Just simply fibbing about the fact that in his heart freedom was the most important thing in the world would’ve allowed him to be rid of his agony. But it wasn’t worth it.

Denying that freedom is the most valuable thing in this world was not worth ending the most intense pain Wallace ever felt in his life.

Now it’s not hard to see the parallel between this story and the life of Christ. But my eyes were opened tonight to the importance of the suffering Jesus went through before His death. The fact is, being willing to just die for something doesn’t carry as much weight as being willing to suffer for something…especially for the Christian. Just because someone puts a bullet in your head doesn’t automatically make you a martyr. What creates power in the story of a martyr is the breadth of pain that person is willing to endure before giving in. The amount of endurance he/she carries without yelling “uncle” is what speaks testimony to the importance of their cause. The fact is, Jesus experienced both mental and physical suffering to arguably the deepest extremes humanly possible before his death. On the night before his crucifixion, He was so distraught with fear and grief that he sweated blood.  And before being nailed to the cross, His flesh was so torn that He was barely recognizable.

I believe that physical bodily torture is the most extreme of pains that exist on this earth. Because we are made in God’s image, when someone physically harms another person, they are literally ripping apart the image of God. Thinking about this tonight convicted me that my tolerance level for any kind of physical suffering is drastically minute. I would most likely be one of the first to give in if having to endure pain for the cause of Christ. I can barely jog a quarter-mile before having to stop for a breather. And because I’m also really claustrophobic, if someone locks me in a small box or a straight jacket for more than 20 seconds then it’s over. For me that’s what suffering is and I just pray that if one day I must face such persecution that God would sustain me through it.

For the Christian, death is not so much an example of faithfulness as it is the reward. True suffering, though different for everyone, is the ultimate testimony to the value of the Gospel in your life. This is why Paul counted it a pleasure to suffer for the sake of Christ, because there’s no greater display of the importance of the Gospel than enduring the most excruciating circumstances for believing it. Lord please change my attitude on this and give me long-lasting endurance to suffer for the sake of your Truth.

Revision Church

Some of you might have seen several shout-outs recently from my facebook and twitter accounts about Revision Church.

This might cause you to ask "what is this Revision Church?"

Well Revision Church is a new church plant that's starting in Olive Branch. Birthed out of a calling that was growing inside of some of my closest friends, as well as myself, Revision has evolved over the last few years from an idea, to a goal, to a simple bible study, and now to an official church start. These friends that I refer to are mostly seminary students/graduates that I have grown extremely close to and have found that we all share the same passion for the spreading of the true gospel, the raw teaching of the scriptures, and the growing of Christ's Church. As we grew closer we started noticing a need in the area where many of us had close ties... Olive Branch. This need consists of the fact that the population of Olive Branch grew from 3,500 in 1990 to over 32,000 in 2008! And in the same time period only 1 Southern Baptist church has been successfully started.

However, the need we found in the Olive Branch area wasn't the only thing that led us to our conclusion of planting our own church. We also realized over time that we each had a passion for the same philosophies of ministry, we learned and grew from many of the same pastors and church leaders, and we all had a heart for instilling solid, biblical doctrine and practices back into the local church. These, along with our belief that the local church is God's ordained method of spreading His glory, helped us realize that this is what God was calling us to do.

Revision is still in the early stages of growth. We are currently just meeting as a core group on a weekly basis for prayer and bible study as we continue making preparations for a hopeful launch in January 2011. We are unique in that we already have a pastoral team built from the beginning as opposed to one pastor who starts a church and builds his team. Each of us have different ministerial roles but all have voices in the decisions and direction of the church. We also will continue to work on a volunteer/bi-vocational basis until the church can afford to support full-time staff.

As for me, I still continue to be fully involved with my family at Germantown Baptist. I love my job here and believe God has me here for the time being to help bring creativity and art to our worship services. My job description has broadened recently since graduating from college, and I will be more involved with website development/admin as well as video production. This is exciting for me and I'm thrilled about the direction we're going from here and what God has for us when we find a new pastor.

My role at Revision is pretty much identical to what I do at G-town. Right now it weighs more on the web side of things as we just launched our brand new site and blog. For those of you who appreciated reading my more theological and spiritual posts, I will probably begin posting most of that content on the Revision blog and use this one for more creative, media-related subjects, as well as trying to keep my portfolio up to date.

Pray for Revision Church and our leaders, that we would be completely surrendered to what God wants us to do. These first few years of a church can be the toughest times as we gather support through finances as well as building our core group of believers. Pray for our endurance through the struggles and that we have joy in knowing our work will have eternal significance. Pray that our heart grows for the people of Olive Branch and that we would continually learn how to serve and love them.

I'm listing our leadership below for you to pray for individually if you'd like, as well as their roles in the church and their twitter accounts.

Ben Williams - Lead pastor


Job Dalomba - Teaching/Community Groups pastor


Josh Kubler - Worship Pastor


Garrett Brewer - Student & Children's Pastor


Evan Logan - Media/Communications Director


Also, don't forget to check out our new sites and find out how you can get involved!