"Fenrick: The Handicap Leprechaun" - The Lost Tapes


I am ecstatic to announce to you that the original recording of "Fenrick's First Adventure" has been found! After having given up all hope that this video would ever be seen again, it has now been resurrected. And not only has it been found, but also restored for viewing with modern technology!

Though I had nothing personally to do with this particular video, somewhere down the line it was transferred into my custody. Now, after cleaning my desk drawer at work I have uncovered it in it's original form. Though unfortunately this "original form" was that of a "Video CD"...?? I know right? What in the world is that? Well long story short it was originally created on a Windows PC(bleh) and required such technology to be able to view it again. And now, thanks to my buddy Daniel at Germantown Baptist, it is made public for all to glory in again! (much applause for Daniel).

So without further ado... I present the original, in unaltered form.... Fenrick's First Adventure.

Here is also another video that we made starring Fenrick. This one was never lost, but still provides quality entertainment if you know anything about student revivals.