Piper and the Glory of God

For of those of you who know me, you know that John Piper is one of my greatest spiritual heroes. And for those of you that know Piper you know that the glory of God is the loudest proclamation of his heart to the point that it's almost a cliche within his sermons. Needless to say, this message from the SBC pastor's conference last week was no different. Though he took a different approach than i'd heard him take before, the result was nothing short of causing me to reflect on the God-centeredness of God. I will say though that this time my mind wandered down many paths after the message finished. Many thoughts entered my mind concerning the righteousness of Christ and his imputation of that on us and how that shines light on our purpose in this life. But nonetheless, I once again came to the ends of those paths with more breathtaking assurance that the glory of God is the ultimate desire of God, and the ultimate provider of satisfaction for those that make it their ultimate desire as well.

I pray that this desire become my strongest pursuit in life.