#Passion2010//Community Groups

Gotta make this real quick. Community groups ARE what Passion is about. And people don't get that. When I say "what Passion is about" I'm not even referring to the amount of emphasis they put on them. Because in a sense, I don't think they put enough emphasis on them. I'm talking about the fact that the ultimate goal of Passion (God's name and renown) is worked out THROUGH these community groups. It revolves around them.

The relationship-building that happens between 6-8 people you've "supposedly"(ahem...Sarah Beth/Paige) never met before is phenomenal. God spreads his mission through the church, but the church works it's mission out through relationships! That's what it's about!!

I was honored to be selected as the leader for our family group and can't tell you the blessings that Christ has poured on me through that. Being able to step up and guide these friends I've found into a broader understanding of God's ultimate plan has been one of the best experiences of my life. And I'm humbled by it.

I can't speak for the ones that don't get as much out of those groups and thus find other things to do... but all I can say from my experience is that I would be missing out on God if I missed out on community groups.

Thankful to the Lord for giving me the refreshing that I asked for.

The photo says it all...