#Passion2010//First Impressions

I don't have the time to go into all my thoughts leading up to the conference right now. But I intend to do a review of the whole experience at the end of the trip. But I do want to say that many of my presumptions going into this (most likely) last Passion conference are already starting to get blown down. I asked God to do that to me, and He's shown himself out once again.

The theme of the week is "Awaken"... it's about coming to that moment where God opens your spiritual eyes to the bigger picture that he's working out. It's about trading something small for something way bigger. It sounds cliche on paper I know, but it's so representative of many different times in my life over the past few years. It seems like more and more often God reveals something new to me that I never really grasped before and it is literally like he's woken me up.

But this concept has really impressed me coming from the Passion guys because I've been skeptical lately that college students don't really get this idea, that we're all in one big picture for God's glory and our joy and EVERYTHING works towards that goal.

In the first session Louie introduced the whole concept by using a story I never thought would fit... the story of Lazarus. He talked about how Jesus took steps that everyone else thought was stupid and didn't understand. Jesus actually waited till it was too late and allowed Lazarus to die... Why? So that HIS glory could be displayed in a greater way. God, in His sovereignty weaves everything in our lives together for that purpose. And I'm so glad that all these students are getting fed that message because it is just the beginning of a path that will lead to fuller, deeper understanding of God's true character.