MJ & God

I was thinking today about Michael Jackson and what he would have said/did say when standing before the throne of God. If asked “why should I let you into Heaven”, I can imagine him saying “well...” as he starts to give an answer that might sound something like this...

“Surely you know the amazing things I did while on earth, and of all the people that loved and respected me...I’m kind of a big deal. I was abused as a child, yet I grew up to be one of the most impacting artists of all time. I wrote so many genius songs and presented staggering performances that amazed millions of people. I have a love for people and children all over the world and believe everyone can ‘make a change’. The impression I’ve made on others has carried on to inspire so many new artists/singers/songwriters and who knows how many people they’ve impacted as a result of my inspiration. I’ve fathered 3 wonderful children who I love very much and always gave them the best that I could. I lived my whole life trying to help and love people because I think that’s what everyone should do.”

But I think in that moment as he starts to speak, he stops to look around and observe the magnitude of the presence he is standing, an indescribable setting that displays all of the awesomeness that is God, and His glory that resonates beyond all understanding. Then as he tries to comprehend all of this he looks over his shoulder to see where he’s come from. The world in which he once reigned now only compares to the tip of a pin next to where he is. So he turns back around and with a shrug mumbles... “nevermind”.

Let us not forget that the award that awaits us as Christians is far greater than any position, power, respect, pleasure or feeling that this world can ever offer.