Thoughts on Humility

Just thought I'd throw a quick thought out before I head to bed. When following famous, successful Christian leaders(culturally speaking), I've seen that they often are asked by others how it's possible to stay humble in the midst of all their fame and attention they've received. And it's a worthy question if you think about some that have hundreds of thousands of followers, news agencies banging on the doors and other leaders of their kind giving them pats on the back. It's got to be really hard not to become confident in your abilities and talents real quick as if it were something YOU started.

But I was thinking tonight about how that question is almost irrelevant if you truly understand how leadership of that kind works. Now we all know that the humility I speak of is a gift from God and only he can grant it. And that's exactly what those leaders generally say as a response. But I don't believe it's like some side benefit that all of a sudden is granted because a person has arrived at a certain level of maturity and fame. I believe that it is arguably the intial prerequisite for even carrying on a walk with Christ in the first place.

What led me into this train of thought tonight though was the idea that humility and spiritual success go hand in hand because the opposite WILL NOT HAPPEN! Growing spiritually while still relying on your own will to keep you on track will always end up a dead end. And the reason for this is not only that our nature is corrupted but also because God won't let you take the credit for your success. It just won't happen. We have to first admit our dependence on God and ask Him to do the things through us that we cannot. And only then will He receive the glory.

So in the case of the successful leaders who have a deep relationship with the father, I believe they have been given humility in order to be better known for Christ's work. Had they not utilized that gift, the result would've been completely different. Though there are instances where prideful, arrogant figures impact thousands of lives and do it in the name of Christianity, they are more often than not preaching a false or light-hearted gospel in order to further their own success. These people usually have what's called false humility where they make themselves appear humble on the outside but are merely doing it as a means to further their success. Many times they achieve this success but it is contrary to the achieving of Kingdom success. A true follower of Christ will only be able achieve large Kingdom impact if done with brokenness, transparency and humility.