I Don't, He Does

I’m about to hit the sack after an extremely long Disciple-Now weekend at Germantown Baptist. But before I pass out I just thought I should mention some things that were going through my head today after all our events were over.God showed me for the umpteenth time today that everything I do has nothing to do with me and cannot be accomplished when I trust them to myself alone. He is the only good thing in me that produces the work that comes from my hands.

It’s now Sunday night and last night I worked until 5 o’clock in the morning on a video that was scheduled to play in the final rally on Sunday morning. To make a long story short, I didn’t put the time I should have into the project earlier in the week and therefore I had to make up for that at the very last minute by pulling an all-nighter.

So it’s probably safe to say that me losing a night of sleep was my own fault and my habit of procrastination has once again gotten the best of me. But I will say in my defense that if you take into mind what I’m about to say, working on my intended schedule might not have helped anyway.

What I learned so clearly today as I looked back on all the projects that I produced over the weekend is that if I don’t seek God and understand that only my best work can be inspired and created by Him, then I will fail every time. I racked my brain for days on how to best communicate the message of the video I was asked to produce(titled “Rescue Promo”).

But it wasn’t until I came to my wit’s end and said “ok God, I can’t do this, inspire me, use me to communicate your message” that things started coming together.

After that, it wasn’t too long before my creative juices were flowing again and information I got from some friends and our youth pastor began fitting together with the purpose of the piece. Finally after about 6 hours, a couple of Dr. Peppers and a bowl of ice cream I managed to squeeze out a product that I thought would suffice, all things considered. Though the final video wasn’t the great visual that I planned for in the beginning, God had plans to use it that surpassed my expectations.

Despite distorted audio, I had numerous people tell me that the video was awesome and that the room was practically silent during it’s showing because the students were so intrigued. The video I thought was merely something I threw together at the last minute turned out to be an impacting piece that conveyed it’s message just how God planned. And everyone loved it! Please don’t misunderstand this as boasting but please see it as me refracting the praise I received up to my Jesus who is the only reason it ended up so well.

The same goes for all the products that came out of the weekend. I loved being able to direct live video during the Chris Sligh/Meredith Andrews concerts. It’s not something I get to do all that often so I in no way consider myself an accomplished live video director. But as I went back and watched the DVD, I was so pleased with the result. My camera men(and lady) were phenomenal and they really showed their stuff this weekend. The musicians were right on, the sound was crisp and full, Chris was quite entertaining and Meredith was amazing at bringing a spirit of worship on Sunday morning. But as I watched, I couldn’t think of anything but the fact that God is so awesome and He is the Master Creator of everything we know and it’s the best experience in the world to be used by Him to produce His artwork.

I consider video and graphic production as my two favorite forms of worship and I am so blessed that God has granted me with gifts that make it a pleasure to give back to Him to exalt His name.