Ignorance is Crap

While watching the movie The Other Boleyn Girl, I am once again disgusted by unjust consequences to ignorant accusations. Spoiler Alert! (I will discuss the ending of the film... especially since it wasn’t very good and you don’t need to see it anyway) If you’ve seen the movie you know that it’s filled with deceit, adultery and overall unending political drama. But I want to address a particular scenario that is the ultimate climax to the film but reflects similar situations throughout life. After King Henry Tudor’s first wife dies, he marries Mary Boleyn who bears him a son. During her pregnancy he falls in love with her sister, Anne. Soon he dismisses Mary and her son and marries Anne. However, anger and hate escalates between the two when she can’t produce him a son to be his true heir. First she bears him a daughter and he says “well, if we can have a perfect daughter, then we can have a perfect son”. So she gets pregnant again with the threat that if she produces no son, it’s possible her whole family could be killed. But several months in, she miscarriages. Filled with fear for her life and that of her family’s, she pleads her brother to make her pregnant again because Henry will refuses be with her. Reluctantly, he follows her into her room and sits on the bed. At this time his wife, from another room, can see through a window what is going on. Enraged at her husband, she reports to the king what has happened. But what she didn’t see was that Anne and her brother never actually did anything. Overwhelmed with guilt, Anne committed to tell the king the truth.

After hearing of the affair, no explanation was ever asked for by the king. Immediately Anne’s brother was taken into custody and she was sentenced to a court hearing. In the final scenes, Anne is before the court and pleads not guilty to her indictment of treason and incest. Never is she given an opportunity to present her case and her brother is given no trial at all.

Stories like this enrage me when I watch them. I get so frustrated when detrimental actions are the affects of ignorant judgments. When people draw their opinion of something because of the first information they receive about something. I guess it’s basically gossip when you narrow it down. Taking the first words from someone at face value and applying it as fact, without researching the information thoroughly.

One of the biggest questions in my life is WHY? I’m not one to just accept information I receive as the established fact of any matter. When someone says “hey, did you hear so and so said this... isn’t he an idiot”, I don’t just fall in and say “wow, you’re right”. I usually chew on that stuff for a while and try to run through my head why he would say that. In fact, if it’s a negative opinion/accusation, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and start by thinking “well, surely they have a reason”. Then I try my best to find the motives behind the statement.

My whole point to this is simply don’t take things at face value. Do your homework and really dig into information you’re given and try to seek out every side of the story. Don’t allow ignorance to cloud your vision.

Before the verdict was announced concerning Anne Boleyn, she advised the jury “Judge me my lords, but never forget, your verdicts will be judged by God, in the greatest court of all”.

- Originally Posted 1.28.2009