Rosie... Come Out Tonight!!!

Well Rosie, one of our hampsters, got away from me the other night. I spent 45 minutes looking for her but she was not to be found. I almost had her when I found her just chillin under the recliner, but then she ran to the other recliner then disappeared. So I just let her go, I figure she can’t go anywhere and as long as she doesn’t get in my food, she’ll be fine.I guess she had a fun day of freedom before Taylor came home and found her behind all the boxes in the laundry room. I didn’t feel like pulling them all out.

We named our two pets Mary and Rosie after two of our favorite songs(Mary’s Place & Rosalita) by The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.  I only got into his music about two years ago but since then, he hasn’t grown old to me. The 67 year old artist and his famous E-Street Band have come to define Classic Rock in my mind. Some would disagree but in my opinion he IS 80s rock. And that makes it all the more ironic that I am such a huge fan because I  have always despised all the trends, fashions and music that came out of the 80s. But that view has changed since I found out Bruce’s number 1 album “Born in the USA” released the same year I was born, 1984. I’m just glad I wasn’t born in like Uraguay or something.

I think one of the biggest things I respect about The Boss is that he writes music for the sake of the music. I’m not one to say that all the music of today is cheap and shallow, I do believe that a lot of good music is still being produced today. But Bruce doesn’t dress anything up. You can tell how real he is just by watching his shows. He’s one of the few bands these days that doesn’t try to entertain you with incredible light shows, 20 video curtains hanging around the stage and fire under your seat. His show is strictly him and the band playing their faces off. It’s kind of weird that this is coming from me because I put on flashy productions as a profession. But I’m just addicted to the passion that shows through in his songs. You can tell he loves his music and it makes you just want to get into it as much as possible. If you ever pull up next to me on the road and “The Rising” happens to be playing, I promise it’ll be a funny site. I get pumped.

Now, all that said, I’ll stress that I don’t really get into his political views and stuff. I know generally where he stands but I don’t care to know much more, nor do I condone his stance. I’ve found that if you really get into a certain musician, you normally get disappointed if you choose to look into their life hoping to find a solid, upstanding hero to look up to.

I kind of wrote this because I will have the freakin awesome privilege of attending his concert next thursday in Nashville. Now I’m not a big concert head. I generally enjoy just chillin in the back taking in the music and being entertained more than I do being up in the front screaming my lungs out. But friends, I’ll just go ahead and say that this time, I won’t be able to talk for a few days. Pictures to come.